Bunjil Forest Watch

empowering global volunteers to monitor satellite images on behalf of local conservation groups

If you are protecting a forest anywhere in the world from illegal deforestation, Bunjil Forest Watch can send you an alert any time it detects a disturbance in your forest’s canopy.

If you want to help locals protect their forests, get involved as a volunteer forest watcher to help monitor the latest satellite images.

“We wish to protect our forest from illegal logging. If a service could tell us when our forest is disturbed, we could better protect our land. We don’t know how to find or read satellite images and can’t afford to pay an expert.”

Note that this is just a prototype.

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Presentation  given to the IEEE Global Humanitarian Technology Conference (GHTC), Seattle, October 2016, on the paper  Triaging Deforestation Alerts
The Bunjil Forest Watch app has been shut down. If you wish to monitor deforestation, consider using Global Forest Watch.