Bunjil Color Palette Page

Colors used for Bunjil Forms and Blog

Home Page


[awe_palette colors=”F1F2ED,7BACDB, F1F2E4,F1F2E4,#3173Bc ,294075,2F5CC0,3A73BC “]

[awe_palette colors=”0099CC,7BACDB ,A6B6BC ,99ACBC,101D62,1F3C96 “]

[awe_palette colors=”9FC3DE,F1F2ED,F9FBEC,fffff0,3669C2,  F1F2E4”]


Favicon Satelite Icon

  • Light Green #B3E61B RGB 179,230,27
  • Dark Green #066C06 RGB: 6,108,6
  • Ligth Blue #019DF1, RGB 1,157,241

[awe_palette colors=”B3E61B, 066C06, 019DF1 “]

Gmail Bunjil Icon (Small)

From plugin https://wordpress.org/plugins/awesome-color-palettes/


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