Supporters & Acknowledgements

Object Consulting

Object Consulting cmyk 100x50Object Consulting has supported the development of Bunjil Forest Watch since 2010, and has been my employer since 2006. The company is a passionate supporter of sustainability in IT.

IPAM, Brazil

ipam_en_smallTHE AMAZON ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE (IPAM) is a non-profit, independent research, policy and outreach organization. Dr. Paulo Moutinho, Executive Director of IPAM, invited me to contribute a chapter about Bunjil to the book he edited called Deforestation Around the World, published by InTech, an open access publisher.

Telecommunications Journal of Australia

Peter Gerrand, Editor, encouraged me to complete a paper based on a very sketchy abstract in 2008. The paper outlined a vision for Bunjil Forest Watch.

Swinburne University

In 2012, a team of 6 final year students worked on an early proof of concept for Bunjil.

Google Outreach &  Google Earth Engine


The Devrels, Tyler; Noel; Max; Mat & Dave – Thanks for accepting me into the Earth Engine trusted tester program, and providing great support when I got stuck.

Bunjil Forest Watch runs on Google App Engine and relies on Google Earth Engine to index and render Landsat images from USGS. See the Architecture Diagram for more  info.


 USGS - science for a changing world

This project was made possible by the revolutionary decision by the US Geological Survey in 2007 to give free and open access to the entire Landsat image catalog, with over 40 years of images of the earth from space.

NASA is the mission controller for the Landsat program.


logoAtlassianPNG (1)

Atlassian provide free use of  their software development tools Jira, Bamboo and Confluence for open source projects. The project uses Jira for tracking bugs and features.

Open Source Developers

Developers interested in this project can head over to GitHub

Most of the code is based on open source libraries – often created by volunteers.

Particularly useful was the journalr Pyhon App Engine project by Matt Jibson <> which this project was largely based on.


Swipe Horizontal Icon  by Wilson Joseph from the Noun Project.