Bunjil the Eagle

In Australian Aboriginal mythology, Bunjil the Eagle is a creator deity, cultural hero and ancestral being.

Bunjil the Eagle, Sculpture by Bruce Armstrong

I named Bunjil Forest Watch after Bunjil the Eagle with the blessing of Wurundjeri elder Aunty Joy Murphy-Wandin.

Joy Murphy-Wandin explains… “our place has been created by a very special spiritual being that we know as Bunjil the Eagle“.

Bunjil Forest Watch has been created on the land of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin Nation. I wish to pay respect to their Elders – past, present and future.

The Time of Chaos Told by CAROLYN BRIGGS Boonwurrung

Bunjil’s Wings


bunjils wings museum victoria bunjilaka exhibition
Bunjil’s Nest – Kinetic Sculpture