NVIR – Near Visible Infra Red?

SWIR – Short Wave Infra Red

S – bare substrate. Includes different rock and soil types and levels of organic matter and moisture levels. Even a small percentage of S in a pixel can indicate a recent road.

PV – photosynthetic vegetation. This is live vegetation, usually in the canopy)

NPV – non-photosynthetic vegetation, dead or old vegetation, inlcuding litter and residue from slash and old grass

SMA – Spectral Mixture Analysis (CLASlite) is a process that classifies a pixel as a combination of different land cover classes based on the spectral signature.

VCF –  Vegetation Continuous Fields (from MODIS)

Surface Reflectance – a measure of the fraction of incoming radiant energy from the sun that is reflected by the Earth’s surface. Raw images need to account for atmospheric reflectance and sensor gain to arrive at surface reflectance.