Local Groups

Bunjil Forest Watch exists to help conservationists and park rangers on the ground in remote forest locations.

Local groups could be park rangers,  native people in tropical forest countries or anyone who wishes to monitor a local forest.

Local groups are not expected to have access to high bandwidth internet or high-powered computers or large screens, however some internet access is required to receive notifications about disturbances as they happen.

Getting Started

For now, all users need to Create a Google Account before they can Sign in to Bunjil Forest Watch.  (Other account options are coming)

After signing in, Local Groups should create a New Area,  so Bunjil Forest Watch can monitor their forest.

They will then receive notifications when a volunteer notices a disturbance.

When creating an area, you have the options:

Self Monitor – Notify me each time there are new images of my area. I can review images.
Community monitoring – Ask Volunteers to help monitor my area. I don’t have the ability to monitor images for changes.


You also have the option to make your area private. If you want to do your own monitoring, and don’t want others to see your area on Bunjil Forest Watch, then select the private option.


If you create an area, and receive notifications about disturbances, you should deceive what to do about the reports.

Bunjil only asks local groups to record feedback about the quality of the disturbance report. This is to help improve the service.