For Volunteers

Volunteer can  sign up to monitor satellite images on behalf of a local group. You do not need to be associated with the local group, or even in the same country. But it helps to use a common language.

What is required to volunteer?

You must be prepared to spend time looking at new images when they arrive.

You need to be ready to monitor the images quickly. Local groups rely on up to date reports of disturbances to their area.

New images generally arrive every 8 days. This varies depending on the weather, how many area you follow and the size of those areas.

To monitor the images you need good internet access and a good screen.

Volunteers should ideally share a common language with the local group they helping.

Why Volunteer?

As a volunteer you can help compensate for a lack of critical mass of activists in remote communities.

The reports you create help the local groups look after their forest.

Volunteers need to recognise the limitations on the local groups’ ability to combat illegal
logging, especially the great danger, difficulty reaching sites, and limited law enforcement.

What Experience is required?

You don’t need to be an expert, and you will receive guidance from other users.

If you are unsure you can post a question and others can check the area to identify if it is a disturbance to the forest

Getting Started

For now, all users need to Create a Google Account before they can Sign in to Bunjil Forest Watch.  (Other account options are coming)

When you first sign-in, Bunjil asks if you wish to volunteer or are a local group.

Once you have signed in, you will see a list of areas that require volunteers.

To monitor an area just click Follow. You will receive email notifications when there is new data for each area you follow.

You don’t need to create an area. You should only  create if you are local to the area and protecting it in some way