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Timelapse: Devastating Deforestation

Illegal Logging

Using technology to monitor and share information on rainforests and forest peoples’ rights

By The Engine Room and Rainforest Foundation Norway.

The primer is designed as a starting point for organisations and activists interested in adding technology to improve their advocacy work, but can also be useful for organisations that have some experience using technology and want to reflect on how to increase the impact of their work. It has been structured so that you don’t need to read the whole thing, but can explore sections that are relevant for you and find more information elsewhere. Download the whole primer (1.6MB pdf). or read it online.

This primer:

  • shows ways in which technology can help your work,
  • highlights some of the tools that are available,
  • gives practical information to help you decide what you need, and
  • provides links for more detailed guidance on specific tools and strategies.

Center for International Forestry Research

Satellites can mislead: policy makers beware!

Community versus enforcement: Responses to illegal wildlife trade
By by Duan Biggs and Jacob Phelps.

Forestry and Natural Resources Webinar Portal

Forestry webinars (sometimes not free) on select dates. Sometimes really good courses are available, so make sure you follow this site if you are willing to learn.

Environ Sci, Policy, and Management C11, 001 – Spring 2014, Berkely

Forest Policy and Economics Education and Research

Forest Policy and Economics Education and Research course module.

A learning course providing expert insights on forestry resources, economics and policy. Also available for download.


Protected areas proven to protect biodiversity

28 August 2014

protected areas

Protected areas conserve biodiversity and more action is needed to ensure safeguards are in place to protect these areas, researchers say. ““Our work has now shown that protected areas have significant biodiversity benefits. In general, plant and animal populations are larger and more species are found inside rather than outside protected areas. In other words, protected areas are doing their job.”

Read more : Local Scale Comparisons of Biodiversity as a Test for Global Protected Area Ecological Performance: A Meta-Analysis

Land & Tenure Resources


The Global Platform of Indigenous and Community Lands.

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Landata Info Portal


Land data sourced from a variety of sources. A virtual repository of land-related information, including peer-reviewed publications, policies, maps, and multimedia content.

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Patterns of twenty-first century forest loss across a global network of important sites for biodiversity

Remote Sensing in Ecology and Conservation

Volume 2, Issue 1, pages 37–44, February 2016

The study uses the UMD Hansen 2013 dataset and publishes the Earth Engine script.