Release 0.1 May 5 2014

Prototype – Version 0.1

In this release significant improvement in the management of Cells as a subset of Areas.

1. Cell handling

Areas can contain a list of LandsatCells. Both the server and browser need to manipulate cells. Cells are identified by path and row – but are fairly constant. Cells can be selected or not. Selected cells are shown in bold. Cells can contain zero or more OBservations.

2. Observations

Now when ever a landsat image is found for a cell, it is stored in the app engine datastore as an Observation. The Observation describes the collection, date and image_id for the observation, and may optionally contain the overlay and visualisation algorithms.

3. Check for New Landsat images.

A new cron task runs each day checking: For all areas that have one or more followers: For all selected/monitored cells in the area: Check for a latest image in earth engine for that cell If it is new than any observation for the cell then: Store the new observation Create an Observation Task Email the First Follower of the area The task can be tested with /checknew

4. Mail Handler

Activated email sending capabilities. When a new task is created the mailer sends an email to the task owner. The owner can click on a link which takes them to the task as /username/task_key the handler is just a stub in this release.

5. Landsat Grid

Improvements to only show cells that overlap the area. Further improvements are required to make this intuitive.

6. Fixed Bugs Creating a new area if not providing a name, there is an exception. No Landsat Grid on New Area