Release 0.10 Feb 3 2015

This release introduces new features for the observation of latest and prior images.

  • Added a draggable wiper to reveal latest/prior overlays
  • Added a tiles loader status bar – so you can see how many tiles have loaded and how many are still to load.
  • Added a cursor (small yellow cross) to the right hand side map that tracks the mouse on the left map
  • Changed the base map to TERRAIN, as SATELLITE could confuse the user between LANDSAT images and the old Google Base Layer.
  • Changed right park boundary from purple to yellow to be same as left boundary. Now drawn on under and over layers of the wiper.
  • Improved instructions presented to new users and to users creating a new area.

Screen Capture V0.10 Observation

Internal Changes since Release 0.9

  • FormodelAreaOfInterest:
    • Added fields threats and protectedby. These are not yet presented to the user.
    • Removed unused fileds max_path,min_path,max_row,min_row
    • Retained max_latlon and min_Latlon. These are still set but may be redundant and could be remved in future.
  • Added a status field to Tasks object.
  • A numberofunusedresourceshave been deleted from the repository
    • drawing.html, engine.html observatory.html, 9 test tile images,
  • JSHint added to build configuration, and some minor updates to javascript syntax suggested by JSHint
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