Release 0.11 April 12th 2015

Release Notes

Create New Area

This release introduces significant new features making it easier to create and manage Areas of Interest.

  • Fusion Tables When creating an area,the user now has theoptiontoprovide a fusion table id or draw the boundary on a map.
    • The map is not drawn until the user selecets which option and the form is changed accordingly.
    • Areas boundaries can now be provided by supplying a Fusion Table ID.
    • The fusion table must either be Public, Anyone with the Link, or shared with bunjilforestwatch’s service account (please email for account details)
    • Bunjilforestwatch draws an outline (called a convex hull) around al the shapes in the fusion table and automatically zooms the map to show the whole area.
    • A link to the original fusion table is displayed with the area.
    • Boundaries can still be drawn on the map as before.
  • Description As well as an Area’s description,users may alsoprovide:
    • Who protects the area?
    • Why is needs protection?
    • How is it protected?
  • Auto-Select Cells When a user creates an area, the application now auto-selects a subset of the overlapping cells as monitored.  This removes a manual step which was confusing for new users. Area owners can still click on cells to toggle their monitored status.
  • Owner Follows When an area is first created, the owner is automatically added as the first follower of the area. This means the owner now gets email alerts when there are new Landsat images to check. Owners can unfollow their area.

Manage Area

  • Description. The area description is displayed in an accordion when viewing an area . It also shows the owner of the task. They cannot be updated yet.
  • Delete Area. Areas can now be deleted by the owner or by an admin user.
  • Follow/Unfollow. Owners can follow and unfollow their own areas.
  • List Areas. The list of areas on the home page is now compressed into an accordion. The follow/unfollow button appears in each listing.
  • The number of followers for an area is displayed.
  • View tasks.  For each area, it is possible to view a list of recent observation tasks.
  • Make Report is now a button. Still to come: There is no ability to make a report yet – just draw polygons.
  • Monitored Status Only the owner of an area can toggle a cell (Landsat Swathe) betwen monitored or not monitored.
  • Cells now belong to the area (parent) so overlapping areas may have different cells with the same path and row.

Sharing and Privacy

  • Share Areas. Areas now have a new attribute ‘share’ to AreaOfInterest. This can have values public, unlisted or private.
  • Public areas are the default. Public areas can be seen and followed by all other users. Tasks related to the area are also publicly listed.
  • Unlisted areas do not appear in lists of areas or tasks. However, a user with a link to the area has the same visibility and access as a public area and can follow the area.
  • Private areas can only be seen by the user who created the area (the owner). Any other user will get a 404 resource not found. Tasks for Private areas can only be listed by the owner (and admin) and are only emailed to the owner
  • Tasks relating to an area inherit the same sharing status as the area.
  • The owner can change the share status at any time. It may take time for the cache to catch up, and old tasks are still visible.
  • More on privacy at

Observation Tasks

  • Listing Tasks
  • User can get a listing of My Tasks from the main menu.
  • Display a listing of an area’s tasks from view tasks link on the area accordion.
  • Tasks now have a priority. The first follower is assigned the task with priority 0. Other followers receive the task with incrementing priority.
  • Observation Tasks can be listed. Pagination of tasks is working.
  • Privacy:
    • Tasks for a private area can only be listed by the owner of the area.
    • Tasks for private and unlisted areas do not appear in the All Tasks list.
    • Tasks for unlisted areas can only be listed from the area’s link.
    • Users may list the tasks of other users. (with param ?username=username)

Internal Changes since Release 0.10

  • LandsatCell objects are now children of an AreaOfInterest, so if two areas are within a single cell, two cells are created.
  • minor changes to the overlay horizontal dragger.
  • LandsatGrid is now only drawn on underlay – not prior overlay.
  • Extracted this functionality to drawLandsatCells().
  • The overlay horizontal dragger (base-maps.html) sets the dragger to 10% left on single map but 90% on split maps.

Known Issues

  • Make Report is missing functionality – you can draw a polygon but its not stored.
  • Owners of new areas are automatically made followers – they cannot opt-out during creation, only later.
  • No ability to reassign tasks or change their status
  • No ability to edit Area description after creation.
  • If a public Areas is made private or unlisted old observation tasks may still appear in listings.

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