Release 0.12 May 15th 2015

Release Notes

New Home, New Home page

The app has moved to and the blog has moved to, with a slightly modified favicon.

A new and simplified home page and graphic for first time visitors (not signed in)

There are now just two buttons, Learn More and Sign in.

Visitors to the old site will see a message with the new location. This won’t be maintained but kept for testing.


Managing Area

Improved usability for managing cells and configuring the view.

Managing Monitored Cells

One of the  main usability issues was hard to know that cells had to be monitored in order to generate reports.

The Landsat Cells panel lists all overlapping cells and highlights those that are monitored.

If no cell is monitored there is a warning in red that no reports will be generated for this area.

If date of the most recent observation for the cell is shown E.g. 04-25 (only displayed if available).

A Lock icon shows how to change a cell. While locked, clicking on a cell on the map has no effect.

Monitor Cells Locked

There is a hover popup.

Monitor Cells Editing with Popup

Clicking the padlock unlocks edit-mode.

Monitored cells are highlighted here as well as drawn bold on the map.

Monitor Cells Editing with Tooltip

Hovering over a cell on the map will also highlight it the list in italics.

The last cell clicked on the map is listed with path and row in blue.

Saving and Restoring the Map View

The Map Coordinates Panel now shows the cursor’s latitude and longitude.

Can be useful for locating a feature onthe map.

The current map center and zoom is also displayed, These can now be saved as the default view for the area.

Map Panel

The Return button takes the current view back to the initial view shown when the page loaded.

Useful if you can’t find your starting point. This does not update the saved area.

The map also now shows the scale in the bottom right corner.

Delete Area

This has moved to the Area panel, so now only displayed when the Area panel  is opened.

 Delete Area

There are numerous improvements to the code base, recorded in the git logs.


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