Release 0.14 – Aug 25 2015

Welcome Page

New visitors to the site now see a list of the latest five satelite observations.

This is to help visitors to gain an idea of what the site can do before they commit to a sign-up.

Welcome Page v0.14 Screen shot

Although there was a list in the earlier release, these were in iFrames which cause problems with the SSL certificates.

There is also a fix to the certificate chain so SSL sessions appear with a green padlock in the browser’s url bar.

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate in Chrome

The blog iFrame has been replaced with a link at the footer of the welcome page.

Make Report

There are minor improvements to make-report. It is only allowed if you are logged in. Otherwise you see a popup message to sign-in.

Fixed a bug once the pin was dropped the forwarding to a forn was not working. It now finds the correct journal and creates a new report entry form. Also it preloads the satelite image name to the form.

Sign in to make a report

Make a Report pop-up

View Observation

Dragger in view-observation now works for touch devices – but needs more testing on other touch devices.

Dragger Handle

Fixed Issues

Fixed an issue that user’s gmail address was not being recorded by the app so new users were not receiving any emails.

Toaster messages now self-fade after 15 seconds (except error messages) – however the rest of the window moves up – so this is disconcerting.


Internally, this release uses the new datastore library NDB which replaces google’s older DB, and updates the on github. There has been a rewrite of much of the structure of the project to make it more maintainable.

Update completed to use latest versions of third party libraries (jquery, bootstrap etc)

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