Release 0.3 June 29 2014

Release 0.3 June 29 2014
Introduces the admin/checknew handler which creates ObservationTasks and emails the first follower. It also introduces the view-obs handler that shows the latest image and a left and right map.

It shows in the left map if calculated and the right map if stored and the page is reloaded.
Overlays are added using the new slider js controls.
Upgraded to Bootstrap3

Upgraded to earth-engine-api 0.1.31

Moved cron to protected admin/checknew url

Major uplift of the unauthenticated index.html to inlcude video and the hansen forestchange map.

Uplifted about.html

initEarthEngine() call occurs once on dev server when the modules are loaded using _ah/warmup handler.

Improved getPercential performance by replacing two calls with one and refactoring of getLandsatOverlay

Added observation Handler and Mail Handler
Major uplift to add entry form for recording observations.